Candidate Coaching

Cazayoux, Goss & Associates offers coaching services in:

Resume Building

We’ll sit down with you and go over your resume to see how it can be improved. Resumes should be designed to fit the jobs you are applying for. Your listed work experiences need to be relevant to the position you are applying for as well as show what makes you qualified. We can help you word and format your resume so that it’s easy to read and communicates that you’re the right person for the job.

Interviewing Skills

Qualifications aren’t everything. It also takes the right interviewing skills to land you the job you want. We can teach you how to prepare for your interview, how to present yourself, and what questions to ask. We’ll also give you some tips that are sure to make the interview go as smoothly as possible.

Appropriate Follow-ups

After you’ve nailed your interview, you have to follow up. Doing this shows your interest in the job and your eagerness to start. This is what employers like to see. We’ll teach the proper way to follow up, helping you get that much closer to landing the job.

Presentation Skills

Being able to present an idea to a group of people is an incredibly valuable skill to have in any business. We can teach you communication techniques, such as how to project your voice, body posturing, etc., so that you can own the room with confidence.

Once you have all the right tools and skills, you’ll be prepared to take on any interview that comes your way.